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SLS Vision and Values

As a school, our aim is to embark on a journey of learning filled with opportunities to gain new skills and knowledge; to have experiences which engage and motivate us; to embrace challenges as opportunities to develop and improve; embedding a growth mindset where effort, resilience and perseverance are rewarded. We want your children to develop positive learning attitudes built on self- belief, a desire to succeed and the expectation to be the best that they can be.

Scotton Lingerfield Primary School is very much at the heart of our community. We believe that each of us are unique individuals capable of spiritual, moral, intellectual and physical development. We celebrate diversity and recognise each other as individuals; all different; all equal. As staff, governors, parents and children, we are a community working together to develop the role models for the future.

Inspired by the Olympic Values, we value…

….friendship, respect, excellence, determination, inspiration, courage and equality.

We believe these values are relevant not only to sport but in all we do and are the values which will help us on our journey to be lifelong learners.



Learning and teaching are the key functions of our School.

At SLS we work towards the aims of the School through providing high quality learning experiences within all we do; in the discreet and hidden curriculum, in the School environment and the interactions between all members of the School community. We believe that we teach the children through all that we do: through the implementation of the policies, systems and practice that determines the curriculum and school day; learning and teaching should not just be seen as an isolated activity that happens in a classroom.

We believe that:

1. Learning should be a rewarding and enjoyable experience for everyone i.e. learning should be fun and enable children to make expected or accelerated progress;

2. Teaching needs to equip children with the skills, knowledge and understanding necessary in order that they can play an increasingly useful and positive role in society and make informed choices about their lives both now and in the future;

3. High quality teaching and learning experiences support children to be able to lead happy and rewarding lives, now and in the future.


SLS Teaching and Learning Non-negotiables

All SLS staff…

• agree with and support the Vision and Values of the school.

• form positive relationships with the children in their class and other members of the school community;

• have high expectations for all learners and motivate children in believing in their potential;

• ensure that children are actively involved in their learning at an appropriate level to match their learning needs;

• encourage children to become increasingly autonomous learners;

• appropriately challenge learners with learning experiences which are relevant to their lives and interests and are inspiring, motivating and engaging;

• provide an environment which is safe, caring, supportive and stimulating and an inspiring learning environment;

• provide learning opportunities which are well structured and delivered;

• enable appropriate and pertinent aspects of personal, social, moral, spiritual, cultural and emotional development within both overarching and explicit provision;

• Will use the 7 E’s of planning to structure their lessons;

• provide opportunities for the children to reflect and respond to feedback;

• insist on high expectations of learning and social behaviours;

• ensure that effective direction and support is given in order that the children make good progress;

• demonstrate secure subject and pedagogical knowledge in order to inspire children and build their understanding;

• apply a range of teaching styles which appropriately match the children’s learning styles in order to sustain their concentration, motivation and application;

• develop and sustain good links and focussed communication with parents/carers in order to support the children’s learning;

• effectively assess and monitor children’s progress in order that they can extend children’s learning both within individual lessons and over time;

• use resources effectively, including other adults, to support children’s learning;

• use technology effectively in order to support children’s learning;

• develop the range of reading skills required to access all the curriculum effectively;

• use questioning effectively to gauge and extend children’s skills, knowledge and understanding;

• are reflective regarding their professional practice and the overall provision the School offers.

• enhance the curriculum with visits, visitors and extra-curricular activities.


National Curriculum Coverage


2014 Curriculum Year 1:2‚Äč


2014 Curriculum Year 3:4


2014 Curriculum Year 5:6


SLS Curriculum

At SLS we have adopted the Learning Challenge concept which is built around the principle of greater learner involvement in the children's work.

It requires deep thinking and encourages learners to work using a question/challenge or purpose as the starting point. Using the information gained from pre-learning tasks, the new National Curriculum and the school’s context, a series of subsidiary challenges are then planned.

Each subsidiary learning challenge is also expressed as a question.


Learning Challenges



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