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Forest Schools

At Forest School children play and learn in our woodland area on a regular and sustained basis.

Challenging and enjoyable experiences across all areas of learning and development can be provided for each child in this natural learning environment.

Learning is achieved  through playing and exploring, as well as the teaching of skills and knowledge, with a balance of adult led and child initiated activities.

Sessions can be linked to learning in the classroom and the approach is used to meet the requirements of both Early Years Foundation Stage and the National Curriculum.

What are the benefits of Forest School?

There is much researched evidence indicating that experience with the natural word is of benefit to children, young people and adults in terms of health and well being and that childhood experiences of nature affect behaviour and attitude towards the environment as adults.

Evaluations of the impact of Forest School on children have highlighted improved confidence, social skills, communication, motivation and concentration, physical skills, knowledge, understanding and respect for the natural environment.

Our forest school sessions are run by Born of the Forest who will work with each of the classes throughout the year. 




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